EXCIS 2024 Mural Painting Conservation is an international congress aimed at conservation and restoration of mural paintings that are found in dire conditions and that need innovative and sustainable approaches and methodologies. Given the situation that the world faces, conditioned by armed conflicts that have erupted in a rough way and the increasingly evident impact of climate change, it’s necessary to develop strategies of preventive conservation and urgency protocols that minimize risks and safeguard this kind of heritage in a sustainable and efficient way.
That’s why this congress is particularly relevant and of extreme actuality, as it is time to provide a forum for an international meeting between specialized professionals in the intervention on mural paintings and architectonic coatings that lets study, analyze and share strategies of action in supervening situations while also preventing consequences in the medium-to-long term that could derive from the mentioned factors. As for this, there’s a need to count on the last technological advances, which include digital pictures, three-dimensional representations of the heritage and AI as an instrument to prevent risks.

As a final result of the congress, common conclusions will be drawn that we’ll collect in the “Carta de Valencia“, where we’ll include recommendations at an international level for the conservation and restoration of mural paintings at risk of extreme events.